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My Brave Kentuckians - The Battle of Shiloh
Softcover 5x8 154pg.s

This work is 95% historically accurate down to regiment and individual levels with 5% fictional dialogue and story line.  We have combined eyewitness accounts, historical findings and unit research to bring together this biography of Kentuckians who fought on both sides of the war.  You will enter into the battlefield at Shiloh with this descriptive play by play action and see the carnage unfold in chronological order as the story line progresses.

Plato and the Modern Day Pickle Wars
Soft Cover 5x8 113pg.s

Plato uses the Socratic method to help the nations of Gardenia analyze the difference between big and small government and the institutions found within their borders, to help diffuse the situation between the large industrial military nation of Cucumis in search of foreign resources and the small peaceful agrarian nation of Cucumbria.

Oedipus The Curse - A Real Greek Tragedy
Soft Cover 5x8 114pg.s

Pentheus and Demonous are born at exactly the same time in 180 BC, each a descendant of Oedipus, who placed a curse upon his sons Eteocles and Polynices that they were to die at each others feet, to which they did, at each others hands. Over a thousand years later, the curse still lives on in the two boys, who through several tragic events are brought together as friends, only to fall prey to the same curse.