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Small Business Solutions

Small Business Solutions

Small Business, BIG DREAMS

***NOTE***  Russ is currently not doing any consulting and has compressed his knowledge on this topic into a straightforward and easy to read book called "The Entrepreneurial Spirit inside the Body of a Slave".  Click Here to tremendously expand your knowledge on how the Corporation works and how to make it work for you.

Russ Falkenburg has assisted or created the following corporations.
  • Dreams International Incorporated
  • J&R Construction Services Incorporated www.jrcsi.com
  • Debbie's Delights Inc.
  • Bluegrass Photography Group
  • Page Plumbing
  • and others

Russ Falkenburg has also hosted several public seminars on 'How to start a business', taught a class on the 'Entrepreneurial Spirit' at the Hope Center and has spoken with High School students on 'Setting Goals' as well as to churches on 'Servant Leadership' and 'Stewardship'.

Ultimately, the success of your dream is in your hands through your hard work and efforts, through proper knowledge and application.



Hi Russ,
I would like to thank you again for helping Danny and I with the incorporation process of our plumbing company. We are officially incorporated for very little cost. Also, we had our taxes prepared by Debra Walker as you suggested and she is wonderful!
Since we talked, I was currently working part time at the Post Office and working Real Estate on the side. I have since resigned and am working Real Estate full time and loving it!  So again, thank you for your inspiration and wonderful knowledge of business that you shared with us and for helping us reach the next level in both of our businesses.

Stevie Holbrook-Page
Milestone Realty Consultants
3609 Walden Drive
Lexington, KY 40517