Self-education is the key to motivation.

Dreams International is an Artistic and Educational Intellectual Properties Corporation. A portion of all proceeds are donated to charitable and social organizations in various communities so those with less will have more.

Since 2005 over $20,000 in kind through cash, goods, services and art have been given back to the community.

Over $1000 in various plants, flowers and seed was given back to the community in 2012 from our growing garden studio.

Non-profits can request art donations for fund raisers.

Russ Falkenburg loves to be outdoors and started his love for photography in 1994 when he joined the US Army Infantry and traveled across North America from the deep south in Georgia, the Mojave Desert in California, Eastern Washing State and the last Frontier in Alaska with a short time spent in Cuba.  His current projects mainly focus on Central Kentucky but he has completed projects on the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert and is currently exploring the Northern Chihuahua Desert in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.  His trusty Kodak DX6790 has travelled thousands of miles with him across the United States.

He is a patriot of the American Nation and has served his country well in the US Army Infantry (1994-98), US Army Reserves (2002-04, 2010 to present) and earned the honor of Soldier of the Year 2003 in the 100th Div., 2nd in the nation under all USARC command.  Airborne, Light Infantry, Heavy Scout and Drill Instructor Qualified.

He enjoys gardening, fishing, writing and the free expression and creativity of art, in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.  Russ Falkenburg created Dreams International as a way to express himself and personal observations through his authored literary works and photographic art.  In his life of service to others, he gives back to the community in many different ways.  Russ promotes individual growth and self-responsibility.