Falkenburg Gardens

Custom Concepts & Design.  Your Ideas combined with our imagination equals a detailed plan that you can move forward as a Do-it-yourself project or hire a contractor to finalize for you.  With over a decade of gardening and design, we can assist in creating your dream garden that you can enjoy in privacy and solitude of the backyard or amaze the neighborhood with an impressive front yard.

A well organized, functional and aesthetically pleasing garden can improve mental health, lower stress and increase property value.  We will build a near 3D replica of your property, work with you to fine tune details and present an organized plan in a portfolio you can use as a guide as you progress, and as we keep digital files, we can assist with future changes.  

Contact us to discuss further.  Limited availability. 

History / Portfolios

The Falkenburg Gardens was a 500+ sq ft Floral Studio that housed nearly 100 species of various plants in Lexington, Kentucky.  This working garden was constantly groomed and rearranged for various themes to photograph.  Literally a living gallery of natural art.  For the several years it was in operation, all excess plants and harvested seed, along with fresh cut bouquets, thousands in market value, were freely given to the community for beginner and veteran gardeners to enjoy.  In turn those gardeners donated various species from their own collections which ultimately made our studio a local gardening hub until the property sold in 2017.  The project was successfully relaunched Spring of 2021.

The portfolios above, "Urban Butterfly Gardens" and "Cut Flowers", contain some of the highlights for those years in a beautiful 8x10 Gloss softcover with magnificent colorful prints laid out neatly on Premium High Quality Matte paper (100#, 148 gsm), 8x10.  Proceeds will go toward our new gardens so we may continue to bless others with our abundance.


You can view the entire project before investing in your personal copy for your collection.  Simply click on the gadget to turn pages, enjoy and order.  For additional home and office décor, carefully remove individual prints to mat and frame at cost.  Shipped directly from publisher.  Printed in the USA.  International orders printed in U.K.

"Custom Designs"

by Falkenburg Gardens 

A detailed combination of digital layouts from professional landscaping software and prints from our Gardens series to invoke thought and imagination for you to design your own amazing garden that is sure to be the spotlight of the neighborhood.  These well thought out designs cover various plants, trees and shrubs for year-round color to showcase each of the four seasons in zones 6/7.   

Produced in a durable perfect-bound 8.5x11 format with a heavy 80# (216gsm) cover and  80# (115gsm) matte finish pages, making it excellent quality for a coffee table display and durable enough to survive your garden shed as a guide. 40 pgs. $20 (US)

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