Russ Falkenburg

Author - Photographer - Entrepreneur

Dreams International is a Kentucky based artistic, educational and intellectual properties corporation. When you invest in our work, you invest in life. A portion of all our work goes back to the community so those with less will have more. From its inception in 2005 to 2012, over $25,000 in cash and kind through goods, services and art were donated from part-time efforts. Due to military obligations and travel, operations ceased in 2013, but we have worked tirelessly to transition our individual prints to high-quality portfolio collections while continuing to add new topics over the last several years. We are pleased to announce the return to full operation as of April 2021.


Our first project is to raise funds through the public release of our photographic art portfolios for various organizations and future projects to show our sincere and continuing efforts to bless others. Please visit the Portfolio page to view each collection in its entirety and learn how your investment benefits others.