HUNTSCAPES is our outdoor divisions.  We manage Jack Rabbit Ranch, a 100 acre high-desert mountain conservation project in Far West Texas, operate Jack Rabbit Ranch Hunt Club for Military, Veterans and 1st Responders, and offer consulting to individuals and private landowners.  2022 saw the completion of a three-year project on two small plots in Central Kentucky and kicked off our Public Land Scouting series.

02JUL23 NEW RELEASE!  2023/24 Kentucky Public Land Scouting Guide.  Vol. I - Introduction to White-tailed Deer Hunting.  Russ Falkenburg has joined forces with Hunters for the Hungry to continue fighting hunger, bringing you Kentucky's first public land scouting guide.  Click HERE to order.  Online orders receive wholesale pricing.  A portion of proceeds will go directly to H4H.

Whether you are an experienced hunter that has recently moved to the Bluegrass State, or someone who has wanted to enter the world of hunting but unsure where to start, this guide is for you.  The first in a new series, this volume will lay the foundation of knowledge on a variety of topics specific to hunting deer to rapidly move you toward becoming an expert scout and successful hunter.

With over one million acres of public hunting land in Kentucky, the question of where to start can be overwhelming.  This guide cuts out small, easily accessible portions of the highlighted WMAs located in counties with high deer density, in order to give you a solid head start as we have already scouted them for you.  From there you can practice and increase confidence in your newly found skills while pushing deeper to suit your comfort level.  Future guides will continue to dissect these hunting areas while adding other locations with increased focus on more advance terrain.  Let us do the Grunt work while you take the Trophy.  HUNTSCAPES offers private land consulting, assessment and design.


Lexington, KY Area.

Fayette and surrounding counties.  Up to one hour drive from Nicholasville, KY.

Herd Assessment

Extensive photo/video analysis to determine population, health, residency and travel patterns.


Topo, Aerial, 3D, Site Dissection, Terrain Analysis


Boots on Ground static, roving and close quarter observation.  Tracking and primary path discovery.

Environmental Analysis

Solar/Lunar Calendar, Moon Charts, Wind Patterns and other elemental factors.


Proper placement of stands, blinds and ambush sites for efficient harvest.

Herd Continuity

Herd management plan is key to ensure sustainability of local population.

Our business helps you focus on your business.

Spend more quality time with Friends and Family.

We do the Grunt work, you take the Trophy.


We will conduct a full site analysis over several months to provide you with a complete hunt and management plan so that you can hunt efficient and manage wise.


Knowing what you have along with a sustainable plan will 1) allow you to maximize personal enjoyment, 2) assist securing top dollar for your hunt lease and 3) add resale value as additional activity and revenue producing opportunity.

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