Jack Rabbit Ranch

Jack Rabbit Ranch was created as a 24/7 high desert conservation project on the edge of a secluded valley north of Dome Peak in the Sierra Diablo Mountains, Hudspeth County TX.  The Trans-Pecos region of Far West Texas is the most mountainous and arid portion of the state, relatively untouched by human hand, and lies within the northeastern section of the Chihuahuan Desert, the second largest in North America.

Current improvements underway consist of a water retention project to reduce desertification and promote grass and plant growth, and habitat Improvement for Quail and other wildlife.  Due to its location where multiple terrain features meet, this creates a high-traffic area for local wildlife to include Mule Deer, Javelina, Jack Rabbits, Desert Cottontails, Scaled and Gambel's Quail and a variety of other wildlife found in this environment with all the predators that accompany from Mountain Lions and Bobcats, Coyotes and Fox and Red Tailed Hawks to Rattlesnakes.  This is also in a major flyway for migratory birds such as Dove and Hummingbirds as well as the Monarch Butterfly.  A 22,000 gallon water tank and wildlife drinker is on site equally drawing in wildlife year round.

Once established, this 100 acre desert garden project will impact thousands of acres around it and create an opportunity for amazing photography to record our efforts.  Jimmy McKinney, owner of J&R Construction headquartered in Lexington, KY, graciously flew out and donated his time to construct a two-story observation tower that gives a commanding view of the terrain.  Guadalupe peak, tallest in Texas, can be easily seen to the North with Sierra Diablo Mountain to the East and Dome Peak to the south, all dominating features on the horizon.

This property is leased out to the Jack Rabbit Ranch Hunt Club for Military and Veteran families to enjoy and is great for introducing youth to the outdoors.  Secluded with no light pollution, beautiful sunsets combined with the night sky makes the trip alone worth it and equally great for astrophotography.