My Brave Kentuckians

The Battle of Shiloh

You will enter into the battlefield at Shiloh with this descriptive play by play action and see the carnage unfold in chronological order as the story line progresses. This historically accurate work with some fictional dialogue combines eyewitness accounts, historical findings and unit research to bring together this biography of Kentuckians who fought on both sides of the war at one of the major early engagements of the Civil War.


Gloss Softcover 5x8 (50# uncoated paper, 75 GSM) 154 pgs. $20 (US)

SALE: $15 (US) Initial Public Offering. A 25% discount is applied until the first 5000 copies have found a home to assist in raising money for preservation of historic Civil War battlefields in KY. See Portfolios page for details.


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